Inbound marketing is critical to create brand awareness and attract new business to a company or organization.


Like any new endeavor, it should start with a gameplan. At ​e-Allies, before anything is started we have a workshop to develop a very specific inbound marketing game plan.


Your website, content, analytics and strategy are all integrated with a state-of-the-art marketing automation toolset. This enables you to focus on content which is both the hardest but best marketing effort you can make. We work on both content and call to action for campaigning on time to the right people.


79% of Inbound Marketing leads don't convert, lead nurturing fixes this issue. Companies that contact people in under an hour after a request are seven times more likely to have a meaningful conversation than those who wait more than an hour to follow up.

Grow your business with an inbound marketing process that attracts, converts and provides a measurable end result

Inbound marketing is the most effective marketing method that leverages personalized content that focuses on attracting quality prospects to your company, converts that traffic into leads and ultimately closes them as customers. This effective blend of content marketing aligns your website and content channels with your ideal customer (buyer personas). This will engage prospects on your website. Your conversions will be higher. As an end result, you’ll build a focused and desirable customer client base.

The Major Themes in an Inbound Marketing Strategy & Plan

Content Creation – Content is so important to develop and disseminate, but it must be specific to your buyer types (personas). The content provides helpful and useful information to give answers to the specific pain points your buyers are experiencing and seeking help with. 
Personalization – Through tracking, analytics and understanding the behavior of your converted buyers you will be able to tailor personalized messages to new prospects.
Multi-Channel – Inbound marketing  by its very definition is designed to reach people where they are. You need to deliver content that is both relevant and gets to where they live.  Engagement with these buyers will create successful interactions.

Grow Your Business Leads Organically with Inbound Marketing

The traditional buying process is dead. Buyers now have an overwhelming amount of data, comparisons and pricing information, that they delay making decisions until they are nearly experts themselves. Utilizing the content strategy of Inbound Marketing and SEO, we drive your content to potential customers, aiming to become the defacto source of this information.  You gain trust.  You define the conversation. When a lead comes across your business services from this content, they're more confident in their spending decisions and that your foundation of knowledge built the customer relationship.

8 seconds

The average shoppers attention span. This is one second less than the attention span of a goldfish. Can your current content capture leads in 8 seconds?

*B2B Marketing Insider

Ranked #1

Generating traffic and leads is the biggest marketing challenge for companies across the board globally along with getting a response from a new lead as the number 1 challenge for sales.

*State of Inbound 2017

68% Less Traffic

Mobile Searches have surpassed desktop. Brands that aren’t mobile-optimized see 68% less traffic. Are you losing market share and revenue to the competition?

*BrightEdge Research

Lead nuturing

Email lets marketers tailor messaging to be relevant to audiences of all  varieties and control the timing, so leads are engaged with information  at critical points in the decision-making process. Marketers can also  use email to direct leads to specific places like a website or blog  page.
*Lead Nurturing Trends Report 2017

Lead Nurturing Trends 2017 Report

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